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evalution of my horror trailer ” the unexpected”

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we very creative with our ideas because it was out first production piece we were optimistic with our ideas andhow theywould work. we had ideas that we didnt think that we never thought we would think up. we could have maybe been less changing in or ideas and kept to the main plan but in a way it was good that we didnt because then we wouldnt have had the product that we cre
we completed alot of reasearch into horror film trailers. we watched a few and also watched a few horro films to get the gist of what the contnent of a horro film traile should be. our technicals abiitlies influenced our work alot as we were using rograms that we had never used before and werent familiar with, but once we got to know the program everything together well and used a varity of skills. the camera use was good conisering that the qualities of the camera wasnt good. for one the microphone wasnt that strog so we had to stand quite close to the personand that screen wasnt very big so we had to make sure we werent to close to shot to ensure that we could get all the required elements for that shot, we were orginised in our filming everday we knew wat we had tp do and even if people werent in we made sure that that person knew what had gone on and made sure that we informed them. we could haave maybe made sure one person was in each day instead of the hwole group not coing in completely. the post production was quite difficault as we used program thats we hadt used before and considering this we made our best efforts to do our best the editing was easy as we our shots and we jumed staright into it. we worked well as a team we all had our set things to do and if one was in difficaulty we were able to ask for help or team work throughout i feel was superb. our finished product was probeyl similar to the originial idea than we expected as normally things change and off corse things changed but properly not as much as we exected. it was the style we hoped for although the actual advert is about 2 mins long it doesnt seem that long. we hpoed to get the audince drawed in and i feel done this by the speed of it .
our trailer is approrate for the adiemce abeacuse we aied for people our age and that what is normally in a teen slaher movie. our triler sounds good the music is good quality and it looks good all the shots are successful beacuse they are good qualtiy deu to the diting and work on the editing proceesss.
i feel i worked well over the three projects andand completed my work t best of my ability i could have been more punctual in coming into work on it but considering this i feel al togheter i worked well and all my work is up to a a standard i ddnt expect to cmplete hem to.


final film poster

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evaluation of final production piece

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we could have had better communication skills , and orginisation skills. my exoerieces with the pre production process are good with making up the ideas we want to do, we were creative but not as creative as i could have been with ideas.
we didnt complete enough research we did watch a few teaser trailers but we didnt watch enough.we could have done more.
our technical abilities definatly ifluenced the standard of work we did we didnt get that much wor done and the technical side definatly omproved this, bloggingi is easy although i havent dont much of it.
i feel i used th software photoshop to the best of my ability for eample previously using the software for another project helped me to complete this projet with good effect. also the use of i-movie in previous projected helped alot as i learnt skills that i brought to this project that i couldnt use in te last production piece. WE did have some problems die to forgetting how to use some tools but other than the only problem was that th footage was very short and not alot of variety.

finished prduct…
our finised product i slaot different to our original idea this is because we didint properly focus on the filming and didnt get enough of what we needed, basically all off our ideas to the original plans have been changed but thats wat happens in filming and production work. the poster hasnt changed that much as i knew i what we wanted to incorporate in the poster it was the challenge off how to make it happen wih the poster, we knew the layout and we incorporated this well as some ideas we originally had werrent possible due to lack of proffesional resorces.
inm pleaseed in the way that the film psoster for example the way the characters are positioned is exactly the same way we wanted it the bad person behind the “possesed”.
our adverts looks good with all the visuals and the poster but the story line of the poster isnt to great you cant reallytell what the story line is. my advert peruades the audience to buy the product very well especailly the poster as it shows someone whos looks possesed and thats the name of the film also the main trailer persuades the audience to buy it and see the film by lloking scary and spooky like the film is soppsed to be.
self evalution:
i feel throughout the three assignments that i performed well i could have contributed better withh the amount of work and orginisation but altogether i did well. i put more effort into the film poster than the production because those are my strengths.

audience comments:
print based advert: I think the print based advert looks very professional. I think the layout of the poster looks really good as everything goes well together, the black and white photo with the light edited on it makes the advert look dark and gloomy. It makes you want to go and watch it in cinema.

film trailor:
The teaser trailer is very well edited together with a mixture of filmed footage and and still images. The still images used break the trailer up but also makes it look interesting as it dosnt have all filmed footage it has a mixture.