unit 20 factual production

Production Process:
our experiences in our production process were good we had the idea of doing something about youths almost straight away.we could have had other ideas and explored these and not gone straight into the one subject. i dont feel that we where that creative when choosing a subject as we jumped striaght at the oppotunity to make youths look better.
i feel that the research that we did was good when we knew what we where going to do and we where able to get fact about the subject with relative ease as it is so much in the news. i feel the amount of research completed was a substantialy amount we did this so we could achieve the aim of the documentary to make poeple see youths in a more positive and less negative way.the camera did impact the way we could ork because it was very small and the microphone wasnt that strong so we had to stand quite near to the interviwee when interviewing them. we were quite organised when filming as we knew were our target audience was so they were easy to find and most where very cooperative also we knew where to find older people especailly teachers. we could have gone other places and filmed and possibly been more orgiunbaised with other aspects of the project.
i feel we used the software available to us effectivly we used mostly all the tools and they worked to good effect to make our documetary as good as we could get it. editing was rather easy as we had previously worked with imovie and other and the editing was good able to make things in the good order.
we worked well as a group we also knew where we were if another person was in the group if there was a disagreement about what shots each person liked there would be an easy way to solve this and it all workedd for the better.
finished product:
the finished doicumebntary was what we was looking for we got typical teenagers who older people may be intimidated off and made them look better.. for example one youth doesnt like the stereotype and even suggests why they have the stereotype. i feel some things did change and there really isnt a reason but alot things change when making a documentary. alot of the stuff we wanted stayed the same the onlly thing we didnt get that we wanted was an interview with a police offeicer to get oppinion on youths. it was the stlye we hoped for and the documantayr on a whole workes well.
our documentary is appropriate for the target audience as it is showing them in a different light to those who hold the streotype and it shows the youths some facts that they didnt know and maybe wanted to know so that they can show people the stereotype isnt right.
our documetary looks good well shot abd i believe it sounds good with all the ducking of music when people are speaking the music works well overall with the documtary some bits were placed in certain places to ensure that it worked.
it follows the codes and conventions as it gives the facts and opinions wihch people maybe didnt know.

i feel i performed well in all three assignments i could have maybe performed better in the written tasks insted of focusing attention on the pratical work.


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