statement of leading learning mentor andcounsiling at acland burghly

i think there is no difference between the youth of today and and the youth of 30 years ago when i started working with young people. the media has a big part to play on the negative stereotype otherwise from my point i see the whole person. i have 4 children, they all had education, one had troubled youth due to maritail problems with me and husband. they need to open more youth clubs they shut to much. no direction, no body after school people look to do things and unless perants are well off there isnt alot to do. you could be just a group of people and not a gang i am tired of people assioating groups off people with gangs. there is peer preasure doing cause they know they can get, eay to come across. teen sex is much more advertised now than it was before all these programs. teenagers react more to authoriirty and feel that if a person of authority says dont do this they imidiatly go and do the oppositw push boundaries and police need be more aware of the development of a teenage brain. thanks rose wade


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