analysis of scream 4 trailer!!

Michael buck
Miss Moss

Analysis of “Scream 4” trailer:

Camera work:
A lot off attention has gone into the shots of this trailer, they have been clearly thought out and this Is good and adds more to the advert and make you want to see the film more than if it was just a normal trailer. There are a lot of close in the trailer and a lot of the time they are of the characters in a bad position who are worried and scared this is also adding the anticipation of the audience to see it, there are a few long shots and mid shots of character but I don’t think they are the characters who are important within the film but hold a significant part of it that you’ll recognise.

The most noticeable location within the trailer is that some of the characters are in the home either a living room or a kitchen. Some of the shots are in a school this is showing you an idea of the age of the characters. The main prop is the traditional “Scream” telephone; the mask of the killer is a feature throughout the trailer, also the camera, there are a couple of people with cameras on the trailer there is one boy who is holding a camera on his head and there is a shot when they say where they say that the kills have to be way more extreme and you see a long shot of a women land on a news van. When they say that the 2.0 of horror movies the killer should be filming the kills.

At the start of the trailer the most obvious diegetic noise is that the phone is ringing, although this happens there is more diegetic speech from the character throughout, for example at one point there is a bit where 2 boys are in the class room are explaining how a 4th horror movie where in scream 3 they explain what happens in a trilogy and this is another step upwards. One of the best diegetic speech is when the women says “go ahead if you have the guts” this is a play on words where it could be talking to the audience as well as the other character in the shot. At the start of the trailer there is non diegetic sound of a just a deep noise going throughout the transitions when they show you the characters. Towards the ends of the trailer is a untraditional action movie soundtrack which you don’t really see in other horror movies. This isn’t traditional because it isn’t creepy enough for horror movies but it’s a good addition to the trailer as it goes. An effective part of the trailer is when it looks like a girl is looking into a camera and to good affect it say REC.

There are many locations in the trailer most are in main rooms of a house (bedrooms kitchens living rooms) there is also a couple of locations that are out side the house such as the school, and what looks like a city centre and a restaurant. All these locations are where you are most likely to find a teenager and maybe this is coming across in the target audience and the fact that they put the main character from the last 3 movies in the quadrilogy is showing that she may hold the key or that they are still following her story, like the man at the start says “she is a survivor.” There are times when the events in the film are at night but some are day time like when they find the mask on the lamp post s day time but all the main buts look as though they are at night.


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