paranormal activity trailer analysis


Analysis of “paranormal activity” movie trailer


Camera work:

The camera work in the paranormal activity isn’t that of a professional camera man they have given you the impression that they have filmed ha been filmed by the characters and it’s a home made video of what is going on. You this at the start when he looks like he is in the mirror and you can see the main male character holding the camera facing the main female character. The hand held camera means that there no intended camera shots or angles it’s all improvised. The point of view shot when the male is looking out the window is showing that he is fearful of what is going to happen. The shot after they find the footprints they are looking for something and then he ends up on the full body shot of the female character showing the emotion and fear that she is having at this moment.




The editing in the paranormal activity trailer is paramount to the effect on the audience. The transition between the start clips are with a mellow deep noise which brings suspense. Starts of slow then gets a lot faster. It has quotes from critics who have watched it. When there is speech from the characters the music stops and after this there is another scene from the film and there is always a loud noise/ music in the background to create suspense, some of the noises sound like heart beats that are preferably slow but may suggest that your heart will get faster as the film goes on.  When they are ion the bedroom it is always silent. The writing throughout the trailer is always on a black background. It ends after the name has been introduced to the audience. It is fast at bits that weren’t that scary and you could tell when it was going to get scary because the music would pick up pace and get louder. There are a lot of cuts as it’s trying to get as much film in the trailer as possible without giving the film away. This is because they want to persuade the audience to go out and see the movie.


The location of the filming is a house mainly in the bedroom as in the trailer all the main footage is this location suggesting that all things come out at night. There are 2 main characters that a man and women which shows that they are a couple. The main colours within the advert are dark colours main a grey blacks and dark deep blues. The main location for all the action is in the house and at night in the bedroom as it’s at night it’s adding to the suspense.


Throughout the trailer there non-diegetic speaking an excellent example is when you her in a female voice say “please, please, please” repeatedly you don’t know where the voice is and it’s come as a shock that it sounds like a women begging and suddenly you see a man’s body thrown towards the camera also another is the footprints you hear but there is no one to be seen. Also throughout the trailer there is a lot of diegetic speaking for example she asks the question to camera looking as if she is asking you “you believe me right?” There is also a lot of non diegetic screaming throughout the trailer suggesting this sis going to happen that you will scream.


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