unit 5 new assignment — analysis of horror trailers

Michael Buck

Ms moss analysis of the strangers advert.

Camera work:

A long shot of the house at the start of the trailer and the stops on the house which is the location is the first main shot that you see. Close up of the 2 characters having an intimate moment a two shot, changes to mid shot of the people who have been startled by the knocking of the door. There is then a long shot of the object that they are looking at which is the door this is also a point of view shot, close up of he women with her head against the door this is showing her to have strong emotions. Long shot through a smashed window showing mysterious man, close up image of a knife symbolising the threat of danger that they have, lots more close up of characters and mid shots of characters. It makes you want to see the movie as the aspect of danger is real and you want to find out what happens to them.



The first bit of editing is right at the very beginning of the trailer were its almost like one of the old time projector flicking through images slowly telling a bit about what people look for when getting a new home and eventually speeding up and the images get the darker the images get more sepia and end up with a x through a circle.

After the man at the door speaks it’s again become like an old projector like movements. On each main images that the projector flicks to it looks old and a worn out image with the illusions emphasising the point at the end of the trailer that its based on true events and that they are true old and very accurate images. The image of the hand print has been added for good effect as it’s like an identity thing. The transitions from cut to cut are fast and get your heart pumping making you want to see the movie.



 The non-diegetic sounds throughout the trailer are the noise of the old style projectors and the screams when they cut from each part. The music that is playing at the start is suggesting that it’s a happy film and that nothing to worry about with the sudden change to the suspicious music it makes you think that’s something is going to go wrong, this could link to the narrative as the film may start of as a good happy film with no worries and then change and all the madness starts. The diegetic sounds is when the women is speaking to her man and she seems calm and all intimate and when the sudden bang on the door comes her voice changes to a person that is cautious and scared of what is going to happen next.


 The dominant colours in the trailer are sepia colours. These colours have been used because to make the film more a dark and suspicious although this is contrasting the bright and vibrant colours at the start of the trailer this is a manipulation technique. The costumes of the main characters are very smart and sophisticated as the man is in a suite and the woman is in what looks like a very expensive dress. In contrast the killers or weird masked people are dressed not to impress but this plays there part well as they are killers. There are a few props in the trailer that give away the genre one really obvious one is the knife and another one is a gun. The location looks as if it’s a deserted house maybe in a wood it could be a holiday home as its looks as though its in a wood as it has a few trees in the front garden.



Link to the Strangers trailer I have analysed:




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