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paranormal activity trailer analysis

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Analysis of “paranormal activity” movie trailer


Camera work:

The camera work in the paranormal activity isn’t that of a professional camera man they have given you the impression that they have filmed ha been filmed by the characters and it’s a home made video of what is going on. You this at the start when he looks like he is in the mirror and you can see the main male character holding the camera facing the main female character. The hand held camera means that there no intended camera shots or angles it’s all improvised. The point of view shot when the male is looking out the window is showing that he is fearful of what is going to happen. The shot after they find the footprints they are looking for something and then he ends up on the full body shot of the female character showing the emotion and fear that she is having at this moment.




The editing in the paranormal activity trailer is paramount to the effect on the audience. The transition between the start clips are with a mellow deep noise which brings suspense. Starts of slow then gets a lot faster. It has quotes from critics who have watched it. When there is speech from the characters the music stops and after this there is another scene from the film and there is always a loud noise/ music in the background to create suspense, some of the noises sound like heart beats that are preferably slow but may suggest that your heart will get faster as the film goes on.  When they are ion the bedroom it is always silent. The writing throughout the trailer is always on a black background. It ends after the name has been introduced to the audience. It is fast at bits that weren’t that scary and you could tell when it was going to get scary because the music would pick up pace and get louder. There are a lot of cuts as it’s trying to get as much film in the trailer as possible without giving the film away. This is because they want to persuade the audience to go out and see the movie.


The location of the filming is a house mainly in the bedroom as in the trailer all the main footage is this location suggesting that all things come out at night. There are 2 main characters that a man and women which shows that they are a couple. The main colours within the advert are dark colours main a grey blacks and dark deep blues. The main location for all the action is in the house and at night in the bedroom as it’s at night it’s adding to the suspense.


Throughout the trailer there non-diegetic speaking an excellent example is when you her in a female voice say “please, please, please” repeatedly you don’t know where the voice is and it’s come as a shock that it sounds like a women begging and suddenly you see a man’s body thrown towards the camera also another is the footprints you hear but there is no one to be seen. Also throughout the trailer there is a lot of diegetic speaking for example she asks the question to camera looking as if she is asking you “you believe me right?” There is also a lot of non diegetic screaming throughout the trailer suggesting this sis going to happen that you will scream.


unit 5 new assignment — analysis of horror trailers

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Michael Buck

Ms moss analysis of the strangers advert.

Camera work:

A long shot of the house at the start of the trailer and the stops on the house which is the location is the first main shot that you see. Close up of the 2 characters having an intimate moment a two shot, changes to mid shot of the people who have been startled by the knocking of the door. There is then a long shot of the object that they are looking at which is the door this is also a point of view shot, close up of he women with her head against the door this is showing her to have strong emotions. Long shot through a smashed window showing mysterious man, close up image of a knife symbolising the threat of danger that they have, lots more close up of characters and mid shots of characters. It makes you want to see the movie as the aspect of danger is real and you want to find out what happens to them.



The first bit of editing is right at the very beginning of the trailer were its almost like one of the old time projector flicking through images slowly telling a bit about what people look for when getting a new home and eventually speeding up and the images get the darker the images get more sepia and end up with a x through a circle.

After the man at the door speaks it’s again become like an old projector like movements. On each main images that the projector flicks to it looks old and a worn out image with the illusions emphasising the point at the end of the trailer that its based on true events and that they are true old and very accurate images. The image of the hand print has been added for good effect as it’s like an identity thing. The transitions from cut to cut are fast and get your heart pumping making you want to see the movie.



 The non-diegetic sounds throughout the trailer are the noise of the old style projectors and the screams when they cut from each part. The music that is playing at the start is suggesting that it’s a happy film and that nothing to worry about with the sudden change to the suspicious music it makes you think that’s something is going to go wrong, this could link to the narrative as the film may start of as a good happy film with no worries and then change and all the madness starts. The diegetic sounds is when the women is speaking to her man and she seems calm and all intimate and when the sudden bang on the door comes her voice changes to a person that is cautious and scared of what is going to happen next.


 The dominant colours in the trailer are sepia colours. These colours have been used because to make the film more a dark and suspicious although this is contrasting the bright and vibrant colours at the start of the trailer this is a manipulation technique. The costumes of the main characters are very smart and sophisticated as the man is in a suite and the woman is in what looks like a very expensive dress. In contrast the killers or weird masked people are dressed not to impress but this plays there part well as they are killers. There are a few props in the trailer that give away the genre one really obvious one is the knife and another one is a gun. The location looks as if it’s a deserted house maybe in a wood it could be a holiday home as its looks as though its in a wood as it has a few trees in the front garden.



Link to the Strangers trailer I have analysed:


my final advert/ADV assignment 3 production process

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My experiences of the production process were that i needed to research exsisting product adverts that have already been introduced into the market. through this research i could see if there was a gap in the market in the case of his and her perfumes there wasnt really a gap but i felt that if i was to release a his/ hers perfume with a target audience of teenagers i believe there is a significant gap. With my results i found Calvin Klien with his product CKIN2U and Jean Paul Gualtier. In my ideas i tried to do things that werent really in a stereotypical his / hers pefume advert, i used models that were wearing usual everyday clothes and i used backgrounds such as a stain glass window as an idea and i also the idea of a waterfall and also the sunset, i used these ideas because i used the slogan “be as one” this can be used to evident the people in the poses as they are situated very close together or can be as one with nature the nature part is put across in the sunset and waterfall ideas.

I have previously used photoshop before and felt very comfortable using the tools, i felt that this helped me to produce an advert that i feel worthy of selling my product. The tools i did is lighting effects to change the colour of my original image to a darker more romantic colour. i used a glare behind my models to draw your attention to them more successfully, i used blending tools to blend the models into the backgound. i used magnectic lasoo, background eraser tool and the normal eraser to rub out excess pieces that i didnt need within my advert. i used an outline tool to outline the product name and other lettering to allow it to stand out more against the background. I could have done a few things differently i could have rubbed out more stuff on the advert to make it look more proffesional, i could also done the bottle on a better background and turned the flash of the camara to no have bright relfections on the bottle.

i think i did enough research  into his and hers  perfumes, As  you can see i researched 2  products but in alot of detail. i believe the research i did was significant to quality of my work as i looked at an advert that advertises the male and female product and i done the 2 adverts for jean Paul gaultier. the research meant that i could use ideas for the layout and design of my advert. i analysed the adverts i believe in enough detail to break them done back to the core.

The use of my camara which was quite good camara was good but the lighting wasnt very good as we live in london and it was raining, The flash didnt help either as it made some bits shinier than others. the fact that we were based in school we couldn’t have had the opportunities to do the extravagant pictures that some photographers create for the advert.

I found the bloggong relativly easy as its basically like and online folder and its better that doing it on a word document. i didnt have a problem with blogging. it give your peers as well as teachers to have a look at your work if they need help.  i beleieve blogging should be used around other subjects.


my final product came out allot better than i originally imaged. with my original idea i placed things out on a piece of paper to wear it looks good but this is when i didn’t take the coloring and lighting into the equation, when i put all the images that i took of all the components for the final product i chose to change around the layout as you can see from the comparison of the drawing idea and the actual final product. i chose to chane the placement of the logo and the models i kept everything basically were i chose to have things in the first place.the placement of the name “one” has stayed the same. i kept the placement of the bottles as there wasn’t many places to put them.

i think my advert is good but i do believe that i could have touched up some more things such as the neatness of the outlining of the work. the layout is very clear you can see what i am selling. i believe that the background with all the tweaking is a very good show of skill also darkening the image of the models which blends them in is making them more realistic adding to the realism i was looking for in my advert although they are wearing very casual clothes within the advert i could have improved on this but due lack of environmental areas couldn’t for-fill this .

i feel that my advert is selling my product in a very successful way you can easily see what the advert is selling which is perfumes. it is showing an exotic background well that the look i was going for although the models are selling this idea but overall its a good advert i believe to be selling the product effectively.

self evaluation:

i feel that the three assignments went well, i completed all to the best of my ability. all the assignments werent all written and its a god mix to have written work and production work in the same lesson. i fell that the distinction in my first assignment has given me confidence to get a distinction in the remaining work i will complete. i feel that i could have perfomed better on some aspects of the advert and other than that i feel altogether that i had a good effort at complete them to the best of my ability