Jean Paul Gualtier mens

The layout of this advert is very simple the model is in the centre of the screen and is in a mid shot pose.
The bottle is in the bottom right hand corner of the advert, although the bottle isn’t in an ideal position it is a large image of it and you can see it very clearly.

The bottle contrast’s the backdrop behind the model as the bottle is a darker more vibrant blue and the backdrop is a more subtle calm down to earth blue. I think the idea for the model being dressed topless and wearing a traditional sailors hat is because the colours of the bottle the colours of the backdrop are colours of the sea, and a sailor works on the sea. The model is topless because when you are at sea the weather is generally hot, it could also suggest that by wearing this aftershave you don’t have to wear anything to be noticed you just have to wear the aftershave and your ready to go.

The name of the product and brand is in the top right hand corner of the ad, the writing isn’t a very large font it is quite small also in the “Jean Paul Gualtier’s” font.

One of “Jean Paul Gualtier’s” target audience is the homosexual community, this is brought across in the advert by the models face he has a more feminine structure to his face although he is very muscular which isn’t generally related to the homosexual lifestyle. This could show equality between the two lifestyles as it is showing gay or straight you can wear this aftershave.


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