Jean Paul Gualtier his/ hers adverts

The layout of this advert isn’t that different to the male males advert by “Jean Paul Gualtier” the main model is the middle of the image and the bottle is the bottom left hand corner of the page.

The model is surrounded by men in this image but the men once again so some femininity in the poses and by facial expressions, the men are muscular and are not well built. The men also have rather long hair which some people could feel to be feminine, this links back to one of “Jeans Paul Gualtier’s” male target audience which is the gay community.

The model stands out in this advert because the background is dark and she is a very pale colour also the male models in the advert are extremely tanned.

The name of the product is on the top right left hand corner the name of the product is “fragile” this goes with the way the advert is because it looks like the male models are being very fragile with her holding her very softly this isn’t a very masculine feature as men are meant to be rough and touch so again linking to his male target audience of homosexuals.



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